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What fonts are safe for email?

Arial Helvetica Courier New Impact Lucida Console Palatino Linotype Trebuchet MS Geneva
Arial Black Comic Sans MS Georgia Lucida Sans Unicode Lucida Grande Times New Roman Verdana MS Serif

   Note: We can integrated Google fonts or your own fonts(you have to host them on your server)
            If you do not use Safe Email Fonts, Google fonts or your own hosted fonts, the text won't be live text, it will be an image.

What are the difference between Fixed Layout, Responsive and Slice and Dice?

   Fixed email design layout makes your markup of fixed width to correctly display your email in ALL email clients including Desktops,
   Webmail, Tablets and Phones. A Fixed Design email layout is readable & clickable no matter which size environment it is being read in.
   There is only one version of the email, but the email scales to look great on both desktops and mobile devices. » View Example «

   Responsive email design layout use media queries to render multiple layouts depending on the size of the screen the email is
   opened on. Responsive Design uses resolution of devices to decide the display. It correctly display your email in ALL email clients
   including Desktops, Webmail, Tablets and Phones. » View Example «

   Slice & Dice is applied to designs where text can not be made live, therefore the text will be images. It look great on both desktops and
   mobile devices including Desktops, Webmail, Tablets and Phones.
» View Example «

Are the emails displaying correctly in Outlook 2007, 2010 2013 (125% dpi) ?

   Yes, they will display correctly in all email clients, including Outlook 2007 (125% dpi), Outlook 2010 (125% dpi) and Outlook 2013
   (125% dpi). Due to the fact the new laptops come with the default 125% DPI and also some users had enabled desktop DPI scaling
   because of poor eyesight, we changed the way we code emails to accommodate them. Therefore all our emails will scale properly in all
   Outlooks at 125% DPI.

Is your HTML email code compatible with my email marketing service / content management system?

   We develop the HTML email code so you can integrate it with ANY email client/content management system, to help you customize
   and reuse it. Here are some popular email clients you can use with our code: MailChimp, CampaignMonitor, ConstantContact,
   iContact, MyEmma, VerticalResponse, EmailBrain, JangoMail etc

What are the requirements for a HTML email?

   Due to reduced CSS support on popular email applications and platforms, our HTML email coding utilizes table-based markup for layout with
   no background images along with in-line CSS code following CSS 1 and HTML 3.2 standards. Alternative specifications can be followed
   upon request. Before submitting an HTML email coding project, please be sure that your design accommodates these guidelines. If you have
   any questions or concerns about your design, feel free to contact us to review your design.

Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?

   Yes, discounts for bulk orders are available. Contact us for a quote.

Do you offer revisions?

   Yes, we offer unlimited revisions (based on same design).

Do you do a compatibility check?

   Our HTML Code is compliant with 40+ email clients. Below is a list of some clients we support and test our html code in:

Outlook 07-10-11-13 Apple Mail Windows Live Email Google Mail HotMail
Outlook Express Yahoo! Mail Mozilla Thunderbird AOL Webmail Opera M2

   Note: If your email should be compliant with any other email client / program or email campaign application, please specify it in your notes
   or in an email, we will investigate its implementation possibility and provide you with a separate quote for it.

What types of files should I upload?

   Supported File Types: PSD, AI, ESP, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, PDF, GS, TIFF, SVG, PNM, PMP, EPS, PS, ODT, DOC & DOCX

   The formats that we prefer are layered PSD/AI/ESP. While you can also send designs in JPEG, GIF, BMP and PDF formats,
   it wouldn't be possible to extract text from the images in such scenarios

Where are you located?

   Our company is located in Florida, USA


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